The fate of accused animal abuser Gregory Havican is still being determined in a continuation of the preliminary hearing for the Liz and George Farms animal cruelty case.

More witnesses took the stand today to recall the conditions of the seized animals.

Veterinarians that are deemed expert witnesses by Magisterial District Judge Brian McGowan testified against Gregory Havican, the owner of Liz and George Farms.

Dr. Blake Roseberry, a veterinarian of 48 years, said he treated goats on Dec. 23 and 24, although they were seized on Oct. 22 from the farm.

He said, “a couple of goats were in good shape and others were thin.”

He said the physical examination of goats is measured by body fat and he recalls a majority of the of goats being underweight and unhealthy.

Dr. Wendell Lyon, a veterinarian of 40 years, recalled a puppy that was treated from the seizure having bloody stools and vomiting.

He said the puppy eventually succumbed to its conditions and passed away.

Lyon said the necropsy shows the dog suffered from an intestinal tract infection.

He also treated a pig that he said was healthy upon arrival from the seize, but then died from pneumonia shown on the necropsy.

He recalled also performing necropsies on three to four chickens but not all that died because he said, “they all seemed to be in the same condition.”

Dr. Sarah Zeigler, a veterinarian for the Anna Wellness Center in Corry, said she treated seized dogs that also appeared unhealthy and in poor condition.

Zeigler recalled one dog having flea anemia and another dog having collapsed joints and urine stains on its paws.

During cross examination by Havican’s attorney, Charbel Latouf, all witnesses said they did not receive previous health records of the animals before diagnosing and treating them.

A witness for the defense was preparing to take the stand but has yet to testify as of the publishing of this article.