We’re learning more tonight about what kind of animals were rescued from a Summit Township farm on Thursday, the same farm where authorities seized more than 200 animals earlier this month.   

Ruth Thompson with the ANNA Shelter told us her team and Pennsylvania State Police worked for about five hours executing another search warrant on Thursday.

Sheep, goats and pot belly pigs were taken off the Summit Township farm; no more dogs or cats were taken off the property.

Thompson said while this is an active investigation, they are in need of people to foster the animals.

“Certainly getting these guys back into a good farm environment where they’re going to be getting that individual love and attention would be fantastic. So if anybody’s interested, since it’s live evidence it will be a foster to adopt situation, but we would love to reach out to the public for some help,” said Ruth Thompson, ANNA Shelter.

At this point, no charges have been filed against the property owner.