As the search for the suspected mass shooter Robert Card continues, we heard from local law enforcement on the challenges that come with a widespread manhunt.

As authorities in Maine are working to locate 40-year-old mass shooting suspect Robert Card, law enforcement in our region explained what goes into a widespread manhunt like this.

Lt. Mark Weindorf from Pennsylvania State Police was involved in the search for Michael Burham, a man accused of violent crimes, who escaped Warren County Prison this summer.

“You have to take into account how far that subject could’ve moved, whether that’s on foot, or if he had access to a vehicle. So if we have a sighting at a certain point, we do not get him that day, we have to expand that perimeter, taking into account how far he could’ve moved,” said Lt. Mark Weindorf, Pennsylvania State Police, Troop E.

Lt. Weindorf said there are several other factors to consider regarding suspects on the run.

“What type of training does he have? Did he have prior military, prior police, or even survival training?” Lt. Weindorf said.

Officials in Maine report Robert Card has an active military I.D., and that his family owns hundreds of acres in the Bowdoin, Maine area.

“The more rural, the less number of people and witnesses we may have out there that are going to be able to help us. Different from an urban setting where you’re going to have neighbors,” Weindorf said.

Lt. Weindorf said there are a variety of tools they use during a manhunt, and how even the time of year can be a factor.

“We use drones, we use aircraft, several different resources to be able to get through those wooden terrains, and part of that is going to depend on the time of year as well. If there’s a thick canopy during a wooded search, aircraft and drones are going to be less effective because you won’t be able to see through that canopy,” Weindorf went on to say.

Winford noted that during the Burham search, multiple agencies worked together which can sometimes cause communication issues, and that when a dangerous suspect is on the run there is always one clear message, for residents to stay safe by locking their doors and reporting anything suspicious.