Day at the Beach – fishing at the park


Fishing can be an expensive hobby:  buying rods and reels, lures and bait, but it doesn’t have to be.

For some, nothing says summer like a rod and a reel and a place like Presque Isle.  If that sounds good but you’re leery of investigating in something you may not like, here’s an answer–a partnership between Presque Isle and the Fish and Boat Commission, rent reels and rods for free.

Ray Bierbower, Presque Isle State Park tells us, “all you would need to do is come in provide a driver’s license and fill out a little form with your information and then we ask that the equipment be returned by the end of the day.” 

There are eight poles available so the earlier you arrive, the better your chances.  Supporters swear that fishing is the answer to our modern day stress, and if you want to try but don’t know how to fish, there’s an answer for that, too.

“Just getting out learning the basics participating in a skills instructing class that we offer here all the time and other agencies do as well to learn the basics then go out and try those new skills yourself,” says Bierbower.

Free fishing rentals are available any time the Trec Center is open.  It is first come, first serve.  Anyone over 16 needs a fishing license.  Parents can go with under 16 year olds but can’t fish for them without the license.
You are asked to keep the poles on the park and reutrn them that day.  You’ll get everything you need except bait.

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