The Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA) made a stop on Main Street in the Borough of Girard during its summer-long “Rural Listening Tour.”

The tour presented rural communities with thousands of dollars. 

There was $150,000 awarded to the Borough of Girard as part of the ECGRA’s Mission Main Street grant that will continue revitalizing the borough’s streets.

“Now we have another $150,000 to go towards some of our other Main Streets. We have Rice Avenue, that goes down towards the school, and we just have some neighborhoods that really could benefit from the projects that have already been done and just kind of keep the synergy going,” said Mayor Peter Burton, Girard Borough.

Half the money is from ECGRA and the other half is from the county’s American Rescue Plan Act.

“Commercial corridors are really important to revitalizing. It’s part of our economic development strategy to help the rural parts of Erie County. It’s important because this is where the jobs are. It creates a local wealth but also creates a sense of vibrancy,” said Dr. Perry Wood, executive director, ECGRA.

While all the money isn’t claimed for just yet, the mayor said he is working with residents as it is being handed out.

“We do have several residents on Myrtle and Chestnut that we’ve been working on with over the last couple of years. COVID did set us back a little bit on some of the ECGRA funding and then we’re going to go toward the south a little bit church is one of the streets we are looking at too,” said Burton.

The money will be used on homes’ appearances to increase the neighborhood’s values.

“Most homes that are doing it are painting, residing, and new windows. Anything visual from the road that will help improve their property and improve the neighborhood is what we’re looking for,” Burton added.