Erie County Council held its first meeting of the new year tonight.

Following tonight’s meeting, we had the chance to hear from Council Chairman Brian Shank, who weighed in on the Erie County Democratic Party censuring councilman Jim Winarski.

Democrats said this comes following Winarski’s voting history as of late and their final straw was voting for Shank to be the Council Chair in 2023.

“Has he voted with us? Sure. As a Republican do you think I’ve voted for Democrat stuff? Sure you do, because that’s how you get 7 – 0 votes. Do the math. We are three, they are four. So, we have to play nice in the sand box and vote for their projects. It’s not their project, it’s not our project, it’s the community’s project. And we’re here to do the best we can for those folks,” said Brian Shank, Erie County Council Chairman.

Winarski has still not publicly commented on the matter.