Erie County Democratic Party releases recommended candidates for City Council


Erie, Pa. –   The Erie County Democratic Party voted at its regular monthly meeting to recommend the following candidates for Erie City Council: Vanessa Belen, Ed Brzezinski, Jasmine Flores, Michael Keys, Chuck Nelson, and Tom Staszewski. These six candidates were selected from among the 11 candidates on the ballot this year for 3 City Council seats.   

The selection process was overseen by a recommendation committee comprised of the Executive Officers, City Ward Chairs or their designees, and the chairpersons of the County Party’s nine constituency caucuses. Candidates for City Council were invited to respond to a questionnaire designed by the recommendation committee. Candidates who completed the questionnaire were interviewed by the committee. Following review of the questionnaire and participation in the interview process, the six named candidates were selected by the recommendation committee and submitted to the County Committee for final approval at the regular monthly meeting of the Erie County Democratic Party.

“The Democratic Party has an important role to play, particularly in local elections,” said Jim Wertz, chairman of the Erie County Democratic Party. “It’s not enough for us to simply promote all of the Democratic candidates in at-large elections. We have a responsibility to inform voters about candidates who are qualified to serve the public in elected office. These candidates were selected based on a number of criteria including their qualifications for office and geographic representation in the city. We encourage city voters to consider these candidates when making their selection on May 21.” 

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