One local organization held its first major event since the pandemic began, they wanted to highlight their success and big plans for the future.

Dozens of Erie leaders were on hand to celebrate and learn about the Erie County Redevelopment Authority’s big plans for 2023.

CEO Tina Mengine said 2022 marked their 100th lent loan. Those loans range from $10,000 to $1 million helping dozens of area businesses.

“We take for granted what we are doing but I don’t think everybody else realizes what we do and how we help the businesses and help the economy of Erie,” said Tina Mengine, Erie County Redevelopment Authority CEO.

She also talked about projects for the future.

“We are breaking ground on the Barry Plastics manufacturing site and that will be completed and that will be completed in 2023, obviously the Erie Malleable Iron site is under demolition and that will be completed in June and we will start the renovations so there is just a lot going on that we want to share with everybody.”  

City of Erie Mayor Joe Schemebr said it’s important for the Redevelopment Authority to have this reception.

“I think it is just to get the word out. People like me are well aware of what is going on and we fully back it but most people don’t see it and to make people aware this is coming. It’s very exciting,” said Joe Schember, City of Erie Mayor.

The Erie County Redevelopment Authority also had a record-breaking year for grants received $23 million for various projects.