Erie County residents weigh in on second impeachment trial for Donald Trump


The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump has started many conversations across the nation.

JET 24 Action News spoke to Erie County residents about their thoughts on the process.

Several say they want to see this impeachment trial through, looking for republican senators who would vote to impeach Donald Trump.

Others say since Trump is no longer in office, there is no need for him to be impeached.

Some folks also saying that they want things to be fair and to hear the evidence presented and witnesses at the Capitol to speak.

“They’re impeaching him for a crime that I assume he committed because everyone saw what he did on television and he sent rioters to the Capitol. If they had killed all of Congress, someone has to be responsible for that.” said Lawrence Maxted.

“We should go where the evidence takes us and we should have witnesses and whatever is necessary to see this through to a fair conclusion.” said Alec Payne.

Residents who declined to speak on camera say that Trump should not be impeached.

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