Erie residents took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather on Erie’s Bayfront.

With temperatures in the 70’s Friday, many people in Erie were enjoying some time outside.

At the bayfront, several people went for long walks. Others enjoyed fishing near dobbins landing. And some got their motorcycles out for what could be their last ride of the year.

“It was a little cold last week, but we are trying to catch the last couple days of good weather while we have it, but this might be the last one though,” said Justin Martin, who was enjoying Erie’s Bayfront.

“The trees, the leaves falling down. It’s a perfect day, and I hope everybody gets a chance to do this,” said Michael Hooks, who was also enjoying the Bayfront.

“I come down here and enjoy the weather the first cast I got something big but I don’t know what it is,” said Bob Smith, who was enjoying Erie’s Bayfront.

Several people said they are preparing for some colder temperatures next week.