The Erie School Board met Wednesday to discuss the possibility of the Erie School District being removed from the state’s financial watch list.

Two big agenda items: One is the district potentially getting off the state’s financial watch list. The other was a security change that’ll impact everyone attending school events.

The Erie School District is only a few steps away from possibly being the first district in the state to be removed from the state’s financial watch list.

The district has been on watch status since 2016, when the Department of Education notified them of their status. In that time, the district was tasked with formulating a plan that will improve its finances.

The financial administrator of the district has assessed the work that the board has done since then and is confident that they have a structurally sound financial future.

“But ultimately it’s about financial stability, being good financial stewards of the resources that we have here in Erie Public Schools. I’m confident based on what I’ve seen, the disciplines in place and the disciplines that will be put in place that there will be good financial stewardship over the next five years,” said financial administrator at Erie Public School.

They’re preparing what they call an “exit from financial watch” report to take to Harrisburg. There, they will present it to the acting secretary of education meeting certain conditions as needed.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, security concerns that have been a topic of discussion were addressed. Something that community members should expect to see is something that has been voted on: the clear bag policy.

“What this policy does is it requires any guests and visitors who are coming to an event, whether it’s a sporting event, dance, anything, that the bags have to be clear. We can see into the bag, we can verify that there’s nothing that shouldn’t be there. Then, the guests can go in and enjoy their show or event and can go ahead and do that,” said Neal Brokman, executive director of operations.

If approved, the Erie School District will be the first district in Pennsylvania to be removed from any type of financial watch list.