People with family members buried in the Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery say they’ve been frustrated due to the removal of many different items from gravesites.

Some even took to social media to show their frustration with the cemetery.

The General Manager of the Erie Cemetery Association said their rules have remained consistent for years and they have a responsibility to maintain the property.

“We understand that all of these items are meaningful to the families. They’re all sentimental, they all mean things to the families and to their friends. At the same time, we need to maintain the grounds. So, we do remove artificial items from the grounds. Contrary to what may have been written on social media about it, we don’t throw them in a big heap,” said Clarke Kuebler, General Manager of the Erie Cemetery Association.

According to Kuebler, families are welcome to pick up items removed at the maintenance shed of Wintergreen Gorge Cemetery.