ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — This week on Empire State Weekly, the entire state and the nation continue to react to the abduction of a 9-year-old from Saratoga County. After her safe return, some raised questions about how long it took for the initial amber alert to be sent out.

Jennifer Coffindaffer—a former FBI agent and current NewsNation contributor—explained that the amber alert was triggered some 15 hours after the child went missing. Though the case was resolved, Coffindaffer suggested that there are still lessons that parents can learn from it.

“There really is safety in numbers,” Coffindaffer said. “I always teach that in my self-defense classes. If you can just be around others, you significantly reduce your likelihood of being abducted or being harmed.”

Also this week, New York’s gun laws continued to face legal challenges as a group of gun store owners challenged new procedures. Assemblymember Phil Steck responded to pushback from State Sen. Dan Stec, who suggested that the policy impedes law abiding gun owners on a previous episode of Empire State Weekly.

“Everyone is a law-abiding citizen until they’re not, so there are many states that have this. New York didn’t have it in exactly this form. We added in ammunition because then you can tell,” Rep. Steck said. “If someone is buying large quantities of ammunition that’s probably not a good sign.”

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