A fire in the City of Erie destroyed a home on E. 13th St. and left four people hospitalized.

A Thursday night fire destroyed Katrina George’s residence in the 500 block of E 13th St.

“It was scary I mean one minute the house was fine, next minute it was just up in flames in a matter of seconds and we all had to get out. I’m just happy to be alive. Everything can be replaced,” said Katrina George.

Chief Fire Inspector Don Sauer said when crews arrived on scene there were flames coming from both sides of the single-story home.

“Other crews that arrived on scene were met with four victims from inside the house that had different injuries. All four victims were transported to the hospital by different ambulances,” said Don Sauer.

Sauer said one of the victims was transported to Pittsburgh for treatment. He said initially fire inspectors believed a propane tank was the cause of the fire.

“The gas to the building was on but not in use. The electric to the building was off, so the residents were not able to use the furnace or any electrical device. There was a report from one of the residents that they were heating with propane,” Sauer explained.

“We had one, but we weren’t using it. It wasn’t on, because I didn’t have the right attachment for it, so we didn’t use it,” George explained.

Erie Fire Inspectors continue to look for the cause of the fire. Meanwhile the Red Cross is helping one resident.