It’s costing more to do just about everything these days, and that includes celebrating the Fourth of July.

Erie residents should expect to budget more than usual for their Fourth of July celebrations this year if they plan on having a party.

The supply of fireworks the past several years has been called subpar. Experts blame the pandemic.

As supply chain issues are sorted out, many expect 2022 to be a bounce back year for holiday weekend festivities.

Some store owners are still having issues getting some products in but are comfortable with the supply that they have.

“Well it’s kind of like everything else as far as being able to get product in,” said Mary Rizer of Rizer Fireworks. “Ports are kind of backed up, and it’s a little harder to get the product to our warehouses, but we’ve managed to get a pretty good selection of inventory in. Right now we’re in pretty good shape.”

Regardless of the supply. The price of fireworks has risen in some products as much as 50 percent, according to Big Woodie’s Fireworks’ Vice President of sales and marketing, John Kaliszewski. Fireworks are considered a hazard class import, which costs more to move than normal goods.

The price of fireworks has gone up, but not the product, but rather what it takes to get them here.

“The cost of the product didn’t really go up much, the freight tripled from overseas and that’s what really hurt us. You’ll see a lot of the product has gone up,” said Kaliszewski. “We’ve held the line on everything that we could that we’ve had adequate supply of, but the stuff that’s either new or that we had to replace old material has gone up.”

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This rising freight cost will impact the prices consumers see on shelves. Consumers should take the rising price of fireworks into consideration when making a budget this holiday weekend.