WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — The Little League World Series welcomes fans, family, and teams from across the globe. For some players, the language barrier can be difficult, the organization has interpreters that help translate from English.

For the first time, the Little League World Series has welcomed 10 international teams, two more than previous tournaments.

With players from all around the world, navigating in a foreign county can be challenging especially if you don’t speak English.

Interpreters are hired to work with an international team that speaks a different language.

“All the staff, if they want to let them know and interviews like this, or whatever. I’m just trying to help them in everything,” said Daniel Baca, Translator for Team Mexico.

Daniel Baca is no stranger to the world series. In 1997 he played for Team Mexico and won the world series. He learned English as an adult and this is his fourth time translating during a tournament.

“My whole life I played in little league, so then my parent, my dad has been a director in Mexico for the program. So, I still help coach with the kids there, so my whole life is little league,” Baca added.

Baca also works with the team’s coaches and managers. He says little league rules can vary in different countries so it’s important to have someone there to explain.

“A lot of instructions, a lot of rules they have here they have to know that it’s too different from the rules in Mexico. The stuff they have to do, the games, everything is different,” Baca said. I like the program, I like to be here. I played here for a couple of years when I was a kid too so those of good memories for me and I like to be here.

Like many volunteers, Baca has a passion for the game and will continue to help as an interpreter in the years to come.