Former State Rep. charged with fraud, forgery and theft

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DUNMORE, LACKAWANNA COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU-TV) — Former State Representative Kevin Haggerty has been arrested on charges involving fraud, forgery and theft, the Office of the Attorney General has announced

According to court papers, a woman had been caring for Haggerty’s elderly mother. The caregiver contacted police notifying them of transactions on a credit card that she had not made.

The caregiver told police it was not unusual for Haggerty to visit the home to see his mother but, at the time of the incident, it has been about 10 days since she had seen him.

The woman reportedly told officers that during a visit from Haggerty, she had plugged her cellphone in to charge. When she returned, the wallet-style phone case had been opened. The caregiver said nothing appeared to be disturbed but did not thoroughly check to ensure all cards were in place.

On January 11, the woman checked her Chase Visa account, which she told officers she was not using and working toward paying off. The balance was much higher than she knew it to have been.

There had been 24 recent charges totaling nearly $850. The caregiver checked her phone wallet after noticing the high credit card balance and had seen the card was missing.

The caregiver told officers she had suspicions that Haggerty had taken the card the day her phone wallet appeared tampered with.

On January 12 she contacted the Dunmore Police Department. Officers obtained a copy of where the recent transactions had taken place and checked surveillance footage. Footage and witnesses placed Haggerty at Wine and Spirits stores, Dunmore Seafood Co., Gerrity’s Supermarket and multiple gas stations.

Officers requested to interview Haggerty on the evening of January 14. When contacted, police say Haggerty told officers he may have been exposed to COVID-19 and could not come in for an interview.

During a phone interview with officers, officials say Haggerty admitted to taking the caregiver’s credit card. He explained that he had been going through a tough time in his life and may have acquired a drinking problem.

The stolen card had been deactivated on January 12. After that date, Haggerty had attempted to buy cigarettes at a gas station on Blakley Street but did not have the money to pay for the cigarettes. He left an expired driver’s license with the attendant and said he would pay her back for them. He never paid the attendant back.

On January 21, the caregiver received a credit statement from Bank of America and noticed similar charges as the ones on her Chase Visa card that Haggerty had taken. Those charges totaled nearly $120.

Establishments where those transactions were made were able to identify Haggerty as the ones making the purchases.

Haggerty reportedly contacted the caregiver via text message explaining he was sorry, she was his friend and he abused the friendship. He explained that he had checked himself into a rehab center in Stroudsburg.

Haggerty allegedly accrued nearly $1,000 on the caregiver’s stolen credit cards. He is facing forgery charges, accessing devices that were not his own without permission, theft charges and a retail theft charge.

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