ERIE, PA (WJET)–It was Homecoming at Gannon University on Saturday.  

Fans piled into McConnell Family Stadium as the Golden Knights hosted Clarion.  

Gannon was looking to earn their first win of the season.  

In the 4th quarter, it was 20-17 Clarion when Kam Snell made the 16-yard interception and carried it into the end zone for a Golden Knight touchdown.  

The Golden Knights beat the Clarion Gold Eagles 27-20.

“You know I was throughout the whole first quarter I was pretty mad. We couldn’t get no stops we couldn’t, it was 17 to 0 in the first quarter, so I had to pick my team up and get the game going with the first touchdown for the game.” 

Donell Mason, 156 yards receiving, 2 TD | Gannon

“Yeah, really proud of how her guys played in the second half for sure. The first half was about as bad as I can remember. But our guy showed a lot of toughness and hung in there and didn’t throw in the towel when our backs are against the wall and battled back, so really really proud of their effort…Kam he’s a great player. He’s been a great player for us, so I’m not surprised. He was the one who made the play when we need it but the whole defense played great. I thought particularly in the second half. Kam has just been consistently good since the day he stepped foot on the campus and we needed that play today for sure.” 

Erik Raeburn, Head football coach | Gannon 

“We made some adjustments to their motion, and they probably motion more than anybody in the PSAC so it’s kind of hard to emulate it in practice… I knew that they went to the sticks a lot, so I anticipated the hitch and like I told them, he broke out, so I broke out and drilled a man, looked back, caught it.” 

Kam Snell, Interception to TD (26-20)

Gannon secured their first win of the season.