Good Kid 04/01/2019 – Da’Zire Woodard


This week’s Good Kid is a kindergartner with a strong desire to help others.

Da’Zire Woodard is a six-year-old who goes above and beyond to help her peers. She’s especially drawn to kids with special needs.

“I help them.”

Da’Zire’s Mom, Courtney, tells us, “She really likes to help people and her seeing they needed special help really made her want to help more.”

Courtney says her daughter has a special place in her heart for kids who learn a little differently than she does, so she goes the extra mile to brighten their days. 

“Because I love them,” she tells us.

And, even when the school day ends, Da’Zire still thinks about how she can continue to help her friends.

“She talks about them all the time; she draws pictures for them wants to go to their house.”

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