Good Kid 04/08/2019 – Azora Riggle


A local sixth-grader takes her recess to help other kids feel special.  Today, we travel to Saegertown Elementary School to meet our Good Kid of the Week.

Azora Riggle is 11-years-old and she regularly gives up her recess at school to help kids with special needs at Saegertown Elementary. 

Her reasoning is simple, “everybody deserves a chance and these kids really do, so… give them your heart”.

The Life Skills Teacher there, Margo Kralj, says Azora makes a big impact on these students.

“She’s just wonderful with kids, has a big heart, and I’m thankful she’s able to come down.”

This sixth grader goes above and beyond daily. She reads with the kids, plays games, helps them tie their shoes… She just loves spending time with them. And every once in a while, when she’s out and about, something catches her eye and she brings back a thoughtful surprise for the students.

Azora says, “Well, I saw these really cute things at Walmart. I thought the kids would like them and I had some extra Christmas money, so I went and bought them for them”.

Azora moves up to middle school next year, but rest assured, her giving spirit will continue on.

Ms. Kralj says, “I don’t think she’s done helping out and caring for other students. I think she’ll still do that”.

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