Allergies and research surrounding allergy treatment with a new technique.

Coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing are all signs and symptoms of allergies.

“We are exposed to allergens and we have a specific kind of immune response called a type two response,” said Justine Tigno-Aranjuez, University of Central Florida.

Professor Justine Tigno-Aranjuez’s and her team at the University of Central Florida are looking into redefining allergy treatment with a technique called lRC triceps which identifies the cell receptors of common allergies.

The research demonstrated the allergin and a common receptor lman-one fighting together to inhibit the allergic reaction.

This discovery was groundbreaking.

“We have the potential to potentially modifty the disease course or there’s a potential for it to have a greater effect just trying to basically suppress the symptoms,” tigno-aranjuez said.

The discovery can lead to new therapies to stop allergies before they start.