Logistics Plus is expanding and strengthening its operations in Poland as they prepare to open two new locations.

The COO said the company has always had a location in Poland but with the renewed concentration on eastern Europe, the war in Ukraine, and overall development, he said they are opening two new locations.

He also added that one of the locations will be the headquarters which will sit in the country’s fourth-largest metropolitan area.

As Poland continues to be a major hub of cargo transit to Ukraine, it has sparked their efforts to grow in the area and provide services like advanced shipping opportunities.

“We’ve been very active in that field. We have our own warehouses. We’ve been doing quite a lot and that kind of renewed our need to kind of strengthen our Poland operations and add more people to it and continue to grow,” said Yuriy Ostapyak, COO, Logistics Plus.

Logistics Plus hopes that Poland will play a critical role in rebuilding Ukraine when the war is over and their efforts will contribute to the process.