Veterans Day is observed to honor the patriotism of those who have served and their sacrifice for the common good. Many organizations took the day to honor our nation’s heroes.

“It’s a day to remember ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.”

State Senator Dan Laughlin opened his speech with these words at the 9th annual Veterans Celebration Ceremony at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

The raising of the flag was done by the Civil Air Patrol as the Warriors to Washington welcomed all to join to honor those who have served.

“Veterans day is a very unique day, a very unique holiday,” said Joe Pfadt, president of Warriors to Washington. “Part of the significance of recognizing your veteran community is the sacrifice that they made for the nation. The things that they have done for all of us, on all of our behalf, so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms that we do.”

Many veterans choose to look back on their time while celebrating with family and friends.

Some make it a tradition to watch the annual parade put on by the erie va medical center.

One veteran is taking the time to recognize those who have served before him.

“It’s cool to see the community give back to the veterans not just myself but the ones from vietnam, world war ii and all those true veterans of the history of America,” said Xavier Vega Contreras, sergeant.

Vega has been serving for the last eight years and is currently a full-time mechanic with the Army.

The McDowell High School alum said the Army provides great avenues for anyone to pursue

“The work gets very hectic but the comradery its like you have a second family that’s probably the best part about the people you get to meet,” Contreras said.

“Today’s about saying thank you. Thank you for serving the nation, thank you for doing the things that you have done and thanks for being a veteran,” Pfadt went on to say.