Keeping cool in the summer heat


The heat wave we’re expecting this week is leaving people to figure out how to stay cool.

One doctor saying everyone is susceptible to heat stroke, and it’s important to check on elderly family members to make sure they are staying safe.

Owner of Keep Heating and Cooling saying there’s been an increase in air conditioning sales. People preparing for potential heat waves this summer.

“Business is really busy. the hotter the temperature the busier it gets everybody seems to want air conditioning they got the extra stimulus money and gives everybody a little extra chance to stay cool,” says owner Jeff Guthrie.

Guthrie adding right now installations are backed up.

“Installations are you know backed up you know weeks if not a month or more, so if everybody waited until the last minute you know they’re going to have a hard time getting it installed right away,” says Guthrie.

One emergency room doctor saying he’s seen an increase of patients with heat stoke or complications due to the high temperatures.

“Some have been elderly people, even though we haven’t had these extreme temperatures have not had any air conditioning on and have been in apartments above 80 degrees and have come in severely dehydrated,” says Dr. Matthew McCarthy of Saint Vincent Hospital.

Dr. McCarthy adding no matter your age, staying hydrated is key as well as being aware of the symptoms of heat stroke.

“Headache, altered mental status, fatigue, if you have a fast heart rate. So if you’re feeling those symptoms and you know you need hydrate get out of the sun and rest,” says Dr. McCarthy.

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