10 minutes in low temperatures can cause frostbite, make sure you and your kids bundle up!

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With the sub-zero temperatures expected to hit the area, schools are starting to announce cancelations for the next couple of days.

It’s hard to find a student that is upset when school is canceled for the day. 

Neal Brokman, Director of Operations for Erie City Schools, says, “considering that the majority of our students are within walking distance of the school, we don’t want students to be put into harm’s way.”

City schools have closed Wednesday and Thursday.

Brokman says safety is, of course, the most important thing on their minds. 

“Students outside with the temperature that low, they say frostbite can set in within 10 minutes to any exposed skin. We want students to be in school, but we want to make sure they are safe and healthy.”

The district says they take more than just the wind chill into consideration when deciding if school should be canceled or not.  They look to see if streets are salted and plowed.  They also review the infrastructure of the school buildings to ensure they don’t have pipes that are going to break during the day or that the electricity is going to go out.

With two-thirds of the students in the Erie City School District walking, Patty Pauline of LECOM’s Safe Kid Program says that it’s important to make sure that your child is always bundled up in this weather.

“The winds and wind chill factor whips around and looks for open spaces… fingertips, the nose, ear tips… cover them up.”

Brokman told us today that when it comes to snow, Erie is more than equipped to handle the situation, but when it comes to wind, there isn’t much they can do about it. 

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