A little-known Pennsylvania law on the books for 10 years could be causing more headaches at the pumps starting Jan. 1.

There are enough things we know about that can raise prices at the pumps, things like world events, global price increases and the cost of shipping.

What about a Pennsylvania law passed in 2013 that could add more than 3 cents a gallon to regular gas and more than 4 cents a gallon to diesel come Jan. 1 by increasing the wholesale cost Pennsylvanians pay for gas?

Not everyone was aware of the 10-year-old law that would raise regular gas prices and diesel costs.

“I think the car company ought to intervene with this one. They can bail out the car companies. They can bail out the stock market. What are they doing for the consumers today?” said Tom Pastewka, driver.

A few cents a gallon may not seem like much, unless you’re a company using 200,000 gallons of diesel a month.

“It increases the cost of everything. It’s definitely inflationary. It doesn’t help with the inflationary environment that we’re in right now,” said Tim Barnhart, Barnhart Transportation.

Lawmakers could move to change things but the new session starts on Jan. 3 and the new law is in place on Jan. 1.