100 Erie leaders gather to talk about the future and growth of Erie

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Erie’s future and where we go from here; that was the topic of discussing among local leaders who came together for an annual summit.  A variety of topics were addressed today including the many issues and challenges that Erie faces.  But, there was also a strong feeling of hope for the future. 

Nearly 100 Erie leaders across various community disciplines together in one room, discussing ways to solve complex community problems.  

Dwane Brock, CEO of Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corp, tells us, “There is a spirit, a great atmosphere, a positivity within our city… we want to make it better.”

The annual leadership conference was hosted by the Eagle’s Nest.  Education, business, manufacturing, service, and health were all topics of discussion.  Another big topic?  Employment.  Brock saying, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.”

Bishop Brock says he believes that young adults need to be trained in what he calls ‘soft skills’ like the proper attitude, putting the cell phones down, and punctuality. 

Considering the hundreds of millions of dollars of investments being made, these leaders are saying that they believe that Erie’s on the brink of a renaissance.

Brock says, “According to the Erie Community Foundation, there’s over $600 million dollars worth of investment being made in Erie and there is an excitement in the air.”

One company that is significantly contributing to those investments is Erie Insurance.  President and CEO of the company, Tim NeCastro, says, “It’s a really simple thing; for us to be a viable employer in Erie, we need Erie to be viable. So, making those investments is important to our company, and it’s important to the community.”    

NeCastro believes the keys to achieving the goals set forth for Erie is to maintain focus and not spread community resources too thin.  “There’s a lot of building going on. It’s really augmenting what’s happening on the economic front and the education front. And I’m very excited about where we’re heading.”

Others contributing to the immense investments in Erie County include UPMC Hamot, Saint Vincent Hospital, Velocity Net, Scott Enterprises, among others.  We’re really seeing a group effort.

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