11-year-old enters college at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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You’re about to meet a genius; 11-year-old Elijah Precciely started school this week at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

One small step for the first day of the semester, and one giant leap for the kid starting college.

“I am very excited. I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long, long time.”

School is back in session, and at the young age of 11, prodigy Elijah Precciely is starting his undergraduate career at Southern University. 

“Where you impressed?” our reporter asked Peer Mubashar Ali.

“Oh, yeah. For a 13-year-old to… Yeah. Definitely impressed.”

To which, Elijah responded, “I’m actually 11.”

Elijah tells us, “This is my environment, basically. I love to be up here on the campus. I love to learn. And, what really strikes me is when some people think that I’m 15. Either I’m a tall 11-year-old or a short 15-year-old. Pick one.”

He’s much younger than traditional undergraduates, so of course Elijah stands out on the social scene, but he still blends in with the students when it’s time to get to work. 

Ali tells us, “He was always engaged, always teaching the class, which you know is surprising. He knew way more than a lot of students.”

Another Fellow Student, Dillon Brumfield, tells us, “He can fit in, just day-to-day activities. He can do everything that we can do, so there’s nothing he can’t do. It’s just like, after school is when it comes to be like, ‘can he fit in?'”

Like the new scooters that are potentially coming to the campus for student transportation, Elijah doesn’t meet the age requirements. So, he tells us, “I’m going buy one… So, right now, I’m focused on my academics and everything else comes afterwards.”

Although he’s a genius, the university says he’ll still need support and plenty of guidance.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management, Dr. Manicia Gene Finch, tells us, “So, he’s more than just a student, he’s more than just a prodigy. I think he is a young gentleman and man of the Holy Spirit… and he’s going to fit in very well as he already does here at Southern University.”

But, he says he’s ready.

“I’m not just here part-time, I’m here full-time… You have to have your mindset, ‘Oh I have to learn this.’ You have to have a mindset to actually know, ‘hey, I have to learn this; my life depends on it’. Act like your life depends on it because it does. When you learn, you’ve increased your life.”

And, even though he’s only 11, he’s already thinking about grad school, not knowing exactly what the future holds as he lives in the moment.

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