12 Days of Christmas gifts total over $170,000

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If you were to buy all 12 items listed in the 12 Days of Christmas song, chances are, you’ll need to stop at the bank for a loan. 

PNC Bank calculated the 2018 price tag for the PNC Christmas Price Index at $39,094.93, about $450 for 1.2% more than last year’s cost.

Even though the prices went up, the cost is less than the government’s Consumer Price Index, which increased 2.5% through October.

One surprising fact in this year’s pricing is the cost of those five golden rings.  Regional President of PNC Bank, Jim Stevenson, says, “When you look at the specific days, five golden rings is down the most, 9%, six geese a-laying up 8% but the most expensive is seven swans a-swimming at $13,000.”

PNC calculated the ‘True Cost of Christmas,’ meaning if you were to purchase every item in the song, all 364 gifts would cost you $170,609.46. 

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