12 Young Men Take Socially Distanced Oath to Enlist in the Army in Special Ceremony

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12 young men were sworn in, taking the oath of enlistment into the United States Army in a unique way Thursday evening at the foot of Dobbins Landing with social distancing being a part of the ceremony.

Gabriel Estrada, an Army medic recruit says he comes from a legacy of family that was once a part of the U.S. Army.

“I appreciate them being here,” Estrada said.

“I’m joining, because my dad, mother and brother were all in the service. My mom was in the Air Force and my dad was infantry.”

Since families couldn’t have the chance to normally see their recruits sworn in at the military entrance processing station, they took oath right at the foot of the Erie Bayfront.

The recruits took part in the oath in a socially distanced way by lining up feet apart from one another.

“They would usually be able to at MEP’s, if the coronavirus wasn’t happening, so they get to see this in live action to get ready to see their sons and daughters get ready to take in the ranks of the United States Army in the next six to seven months,” said station commander of Erie recruiting Matthew O’Hara.

Recruits raised their hand and listened to the oath of enlistment while taking in their very own historic moment.

Another recruit said being able to serve in the military will create new opportunities.

“Broaden my horizons in the world, to travel around and get to see new places, explore new cultures, that type of thing and mainly just to get out of my comfort zone and open up to the newer possibilities in life,” said Army recruit Theodore Paul.

Following the next 14-30 days, recruits will spend time with their families while awaiting an answer to where they will be shipped to for basic training.

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