15 years later: How 9/11 changed security measures

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ERIE, Pa. — Sept. 11, 2001 was a day that changed our nation forever.

As the 15th anniversary approaches, Erie law enforcement reflects back on how far security has come since that tragic day.

That tragic Tuesday morning is still fresh in many Americans’ minds 15 years later. 

You remember where you were and what you were doing.

What some may not remember is what security was like before that day.

Tightened security started at airports across the nation, including at Erie International.

We all board planes differently now.

You have to take off your jacket and shoes, can only take a small amount of liquid on board and all electronics must be scanned.

Heightened security did not stop there.

Federal, state and local governments gave thousands of dollars to Erie’s county and federal courthouses to improve security.

The Erie County Courthouse went from being staffed by a security agency to sworn-in deputy sheriffs. There are also now security cameras that give those sheriffs a look at every square inch of the building.

“We have full video banks of cameras that we can see outside and inside in the courtrooms in the hallways to track anyone that may be suspicious,” chief deputy Jon Habursky said.

The biggest security change post 9/11, according to former FBI agents, is the that now local, state and federal law enforcement agencies work better together and share information. 

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