18 days in and two contestants in Happi 92.7’s Harley Davidson contest are still going strong

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The contest to win a new Harley is still going strong!  And, then there were (still) two…

The ‘Live to Ride’ contest, sponsored by Happi 92.7 is in its 18th day.  The two Erie men who must sit straddling chairs all day long with only short bathroom and sleep breaks say they’re in it for the long haul.

Adam Wentling, Contestant, says, “My wife signed me up to upgrade from what I got to a Harley…  [It’s] been different; first time ever doing something like this”.

Isued Farret, Contestant, says, “You just gotta be in a good mental state, you know.  Just don’t think about anything else.  Just don’t get up.”

The contest, taking place outside of the Harley-Davidson dealership on West 12th Street, will continue for as many days as it takes until there’s a winner.

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