$2.5 million grant awarded to Millcreek for a sidewalk improvement project from Presque Isle to TREC

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Visitors may soon have an easier way to get in and out of Presque Isle State Park. This comes after a $2.5 million grant is awarded.

Tiarra Braddock joins us LIVE from the newsroom with where this money came from and how it will be used.

Multimodal Transportation Fund grants like this one are given to encourage economic development and to improve transportation safety.

This is the first time in years Erie has received this type of grant.

A new sidewalk improvement project in Millcreek Township can finally begin thanks to a $2.5 million state grant.

“It’s going to make it a whole lot safer for this area. It’s really appreciated,” said John Groh, Millcreek Township Supervisor.

Millcreek Township Supervisor John Groh says this funding will be used to construct a multipurpose trail from Presque Isle State Park to the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.

“Sidewalk construction and features there for bicycles, this way they’re not on Peninsula Drive so much,” said Groh.

The goal of this project is to keep residents and tourists safe, while they are walking down to the park from Sara’s or other attractions in the area.

Groh says Representative Ryan Bizzaro was a key person who helped secure this state funding.

“The multimodal grants are highly competitive, they are almost 100% legislatively driven,” said Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, (D), Pennsylvania.

Rep. Bizzaro says he worked with state senator Dan Laughlin to get this funding approved for Millcreek.

Senator Laughlin secured $1 million in senate funding and Rep. Bizzarro secured $1.5 million in House funding.

“We’ve got 56,000 people residing here who pay quite a bit in taxes. They would like to see a return on their investment and you really can’t go wrong with any dollar you bring back to this township, particularly Presque Isle State Park,” said Rep. Bizzarro.

Groh says the next steps for this project is to start the planning and design phase. He says that phase will most likely start next year.

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