2 apartment complexes built in the same decade are completely different

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After one Granada Apartment building was condemned for unlivable conditions, management from a neighboring apartment complex said it does not have to be this way.

Over the course of half a century, two Millcreek Township apartment complexes have gone in very different directions.

The Mill Glenn Apartment Complex and the Granada Apartment Complex were both built in the 1970s by the same builder, on the same property.

Almost 50 years later the properties look completely different.

JET 24 Action News went into both buildings to compare.

“We have replaced roofs, we have replaced carpeting, kitchens we replaced, plumbing as required,” general partner of Mill Glenn Beth Baldwin said. “It is a constant process of maintenance and repair.”

Mill Glenn apartments management said that investing in the apartment building is not only necessary, but it is profitable for the future.

“If there is deferred maintenance over 15 to 20 years, that can absolutely impair the structural integrity of a building,” Baldwin said.

Granada is owned by New York based Clover Group Management.

Mill Glenn is owned by local Baldwin-Hawthorne Real Estate.

One LECOM student moving to the area said she was looking for a well-kept and spacious apartment and said it was an easy decision between the two.

“Oh, I looked at several places, but I was trying to find a place close to Millcreek Community Hospital since I’m a student there and I looked at Granada, but pretty fast I decided not to go with Granada,” Anarkali Moorill said. 

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