2020 Census approaching; U.S. Census Bureau still hiring

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With the 2020 Census approaching, some are doing what they can to be sure it is an accurate count.

The U.S. Census Bureau is still looking to hire people in order to help count those who do not respond.

Mayor Joe Schember explained that a major concentration for the city is being sure that children and refugees are counted.

“The information you give in the Census will be kept secret for 73 years. It won’t be shared with anyone, other than the overall statistics. So people who are afraid of disclosing things like who lives there, especially like refugees or New American, all of that is kept strictly confidential,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

On Wednesday, Pennsylvania’s Second Lady Gisele Fetterman and local Census representatives will talk about the importance of the count through question and answer sessions, along with a panel discussion.

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