23rd Annual Rosary March

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Janet Arment woke up Sunday morning with a mission in mind.

She said she’s doing her part to make the world a better place by joining around 300 other Catholics in the 23rd annual Rosary March.

“Because there is so much evil. It’s all around us. It’s in everybody’s family. It’s not just across the street and it’s not down the road. It’s not in another nation. It’s everywhere.” said Janet Arment, a member of the Catholic Church.

Arment believes people can turn things around by praying with the rosary. 

Bishop Lawrence Persico said the march is especially meaningful this year, celebraing the 100th anniversary of when Catholic’s believe the lady of Fatima delivered messages to children in Portugal. 

“In 1917 the world was at war and there was no peace, but Mary’s message was that if we’re devoted to the rosary, to her son and then we will have our peace,” said Bishop Lawrence Persico with the Catholic Diocese of Erie.

Members of the church said messages within the Catholic Church could help solve some of the major problems facing the world today.

“We know that our rosaries are more powerful than any nuclear weapon. All the saints have told us this. This is the most powerful weapon we have and it is really dynanite,” said Anne O’Leary, a member of the church.

O’Leary said there’s too much choas in the world today, but in the spirit of the march, members told us people working together can leave a positive impact. 

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