24-year-old in custody for kidnapping a couple and threatening to kill them

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A man is in custody for kidnapping a couple and threating to kill them.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), Branden Charles Auen, 24, is accused of kidnapping a couple from a home on Auburn Street in Erie on Sept. 24th.

PSP report that Auen entered the home through an unlocked door and pointed a handgun at the couple.

Auen then reportedly proceeded to physically assault the female with his gun and his hands, then forced her to get undressed.

He then made her get dressed and forced them at gun point to leave the house and get in their vehicle.

PSP report that Auen made the male drive while holding the gun to the back of the females head and repeatedly threatened to kill them once they arrived at their destination in Crawford County.

The male then crashed the car into a guide rail, allowing PSP to be alerted of the incident.

Auen is currently in the Erie County Jail on a $250,000 bail. He is facing multiple charges, including attempted criminal homicide, kidnapping, sexual extortion, terroristic threats, among other charges.

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