25-year-old hopes to get name cleared from missing person database to travel back to the United States and see loved ones

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It’s a custody battle that did not go too well.

A 25-year-old who is still labeled as being in the kidnapped missing person database is trying his best to clear both his name and his father’s name.

25-year-old Aarys Hower is seeking help to be able to travel back to the U.S.

Hower and his father are unable to travel back to the United States because of a custody battle that went too far.

This missing person picture is Aarys Hower. He also goes by the name Alex.

He has been in the missing person database for over fifteen years.

However the now 25-year-old is not really missing. He has been unable to leave the Caribbean Island, Saint Kitts, all because of a battle between his parents that went wrong.

“Pretty much way back maybe when I was like five or six, my parents divorced and Tennessee has jurisdiction over custody and all of that, and my mother had full custody, but she kept disobeying the court,” said Aarys Hower, 25-Year-Old.

One day when Hower went to visit his mother in Erie, his mother did not want to send him back to his father.

“Had two police officers to physically remove me from my mother and put me back to a plane to live with my dad, and that sort of kidnapping began,” said Hower.

Hower said that his father missed a court hearing and the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. This is when things got complicated and Aarys was listed in the missing person database.

“The FBI spent so much money on this case that they didn’t want to quit. That’s why they’re pressuring us and still have me listed as internationally kidnapped,” said Hower.

Other people said it was a custody battle that should not have gone this far.

“I mean this is a child’s life. He can’t do anything without somebody easily Googling his name, and his whole life is in turmoil constantly,” said Jessica Dutter, Founder of Project Angel Eyes.

Dutter is a founder of the nonprofit organization Project Angel Eyes. This is an organization that helps with cold missing person cases.

Dutter found Hower’s case and she knew she had to reach out.

Now as for Hower, he is trying his best to end this long battle that has been impacting his whole life.

“I need to be able to move on with my life, be able to travel. I think my dad should be able to see his dying mom,” said Hower.

In the meantime, the 25-year-old is in the Caribbean Island working as a boat captain and taking classes. He does hope that this can be cleared very soon before it is too late to say goodbye to loved ones.

“To my grandmother, I guess I hope this gets resolved soon. I hope we can visit you before it’s too late,” said Hower.

We could not get in contact with Aary’s mother, but we did speak to his grandmother and she hopes she is able to see both her son and grandson.

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