2nd District Seat will be between Merski (47%) and Kuzma (61%)

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It wasn’t long after the polls closed that the celebration started in the headquarters of Democratic City Council Member Bob Merski.  Merski ran against former Mayor Rick Filippi and former County Council Member Jay Breneman. 

Merski says he credits Fabrizio’s endorsement and some hard work from supporters.  “We focused on issues that was important to the voters we focused on jobs and economic development. We focused on revitalizing this community we focused o strong public schools for our children and programs for our veterans and our seniors that will bring dignity and security to the people.”

Breneman was runner-up on the Democratic ticket to replace Fabrizio.  Breneman says during his campaign, his team engaged residents to take part in the election.  “But that’s something I will continue to step forward in–in helping motivate people from diverse backgrounds–women, minorities from all corners of our community to get engaged, get involved in the community, so that their voice is heard because that’s what Erie needs.”

Let’s take a look at those results:


  • Merski 47%
  • Breneman 33%
  • Filippi 19%

On the Republican side, voters had a choice of two candidates; Summit Township Resident Laban Marsh and Erie Resident Tim Kuzma.  Kuzma easily winning this one with 61% of the vote to Marsh’s 39%

The Republican candidate running for State Representative of the 2nd District says he’s eager to get ready for the General Election.  Kuzma tells us some of his main priorities are healthcare and finding better ways to budget. “We need to learn how to pay for things that cost a lot of money. Education is just out of control right now.”

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