One of Erie’s most popular, family, friendly events returned. Hundreds of folks are lining up for a chance to see some really neat Christmas trees all decked out for the 2022 Festival of Trees.

The lines were long at the Bayfront Convention Center as families made their way to see 85 uniquely decorated Christmas trees. All for the 38th annual AHN Saint Vincent Festival of Trees. Why it is important to hold this every year for the community?

“So not only is this a community tradition for Erie, but it also helps Saint Vincent support cardiac services and our tiniest patients through Children’s Miracle Network,” said Christine Bowen of St. Vincent Hospital.

The trees ranged from patriotic decked out in American flags to one featuring some of the faces of Jet 24 and Fox 66. And it’s more than just trees.

Bowen adds, “It’s all the sights and sounds of the holidays. Everything from a 6-room Santa castle, over 80 professionally decorated trees, live reindeer every day 12 until 5 p.m., and a teddy bear clinic. It’s a whole lot of fun.”

Jim Woodward was there with his family and grandson, who really wanted to see the reindeer.

“And what a great bunch of people friendly people that down here. We really like it a lot here, so we are just anxious to just see everything down here,” said Erie resident Jim Woodward.

Woodward adds it’s great to have events that bring families together.

The fun event runs until Sunday evening.