(WJET/WFXP/YourErie.com) — State Senator Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) is continuing his push for marijuana legalization, and for medical marijuana patients to be able to purchase edibles and to grow plants at home.

Sen. Laughlin released a statement on 4/20, a day where “cannabis users around the globe celebrate marijuana use and rally for efforts to legalize adult use where it is prohibited.”

Recreational adult-use marijuana is currently not legal in Pennsylvania.

The state’s Medical Marijuana Program was signed into law in 2016. Medical marijuana patients can purchase medical cannabis in the form of pills, oils, topicals, dry leaf (which can be vaporized but not smoked), tinctures and liquids. Currently, patients in Pennsylvania cannot purchase edibles.

“Here in Pennsylvania, where we have a medical marijuana (MMJ) program but adult recreational use remains prohibited, public opinion is strong for legalizing adult use and support for it continues to grow in the halls of the state Capitol,” Sen. Laughlin stated in a news release. “Last year, I joined with Sen. Sen. Sharif Street (D-3) to introduce Senate Bill 473 that would legalize adult use marijuana in Pennsylvania and prioritize safety, community reinvestment, social and economic equity and agriculture, as well as create vital tax revenue for the Commonwealth.”

Senators Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street introduced the adult use cannabis bill in Feb. 2021.

“Legalization must be done the right way, and my bill ensures a legalized Pennsylvania market is implemented safely and responsibly, with a thoughtful approach that provides opportunities to medical and recreational consumers, farmers and small, medium and minority-owned businesses.”

Senators Dan Laughlin and Sharif Street also introduced a medical marijuana bill in Nov. 2021 that would allow patients to grow the plants at home.

“Pennsylvania’s MMJ program has offered lifesaving medicine to communities across the state since 2016, but there’s always room for improvement, particularly as it relates to cost and access,” stated Sen. Laughlin. “That’s why Sen. Street and I introduced Senate Bill 1024 to allow Pennsylvania’s MMJ patients to grow a limited number of cannabis plants from their home for personal use. It’s also why I plan to soon introduce legislation giving MMJ patients the ability to buy medical cannabis edibles that are safe, uniform and securely packaged and labeled.

Sen. Laughlin announced plans in early April 2022 to introduce legislation that would allow medical marijuana patients in Pennsylvania to purchase edibles.

“Pennsylvania’s patients should be able to buy edible medical cannabis that is safe, uniform and securely packaged and labeled, just as they do in 25 other states that have legalized medical cannabis,” said Laughlin. “For many patients, their medical conditions require gradual relief over an extended period of time. Consuming medical cannabis in edible form is among the best ways to achieve the time-release effect that these patients need.”