The owners of Brick & Mortar Property Management and Pero Real Estate purchased a portion of the Granite Ridge campus in North East.

Co-owners Jason Pero and his wife bought 39 townhomes and apartments for $4 million.

The North East borough manager weighed in on the sale.

“I think it’s a good thing for a community to have safe and affordable housing. The investors in Granite Ridge have done a good job reinvesting in those town homes so I think the next owner is going to reap the benefit of that,” said Patrick Gehrlein, the North East Borough manager.

Pero said he grew up in North East and he and his wife want to preserve the apartments on the campus. He added he and his wife own several other apartment complexes in the region.

“This chapter that we’re in right now is kind of determining what fits. What fits in our community, what fits business wise and what opportunities are open and available from both (the) Granite Ridge side and new investments,” said Pero.