50 employees to be furloughed at Erie School District

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More employees are taking a hit from the pandemic.

This time it’s at Erie School District, just days into the new school year.

Erie School District Superintendent Brian Polito says, “like many organizations we had to adapt our workforce to the new realities of COVID19. Tonight we had to make the hard decision to furlough 50 of our support staff.”

Furloughed positions include teaching assistants, custodians and non-instructional employees.

The decision comes as schools remain vacant and 11,000 Erie School District students learn virtually.

While some issues arise with online learning, Superintendent Polito tells us eighty percent of students were able to efficiently login for class.

“We’ve had a lot of activity at our call center yesterday and had to increase the staffing to make sure we had coverage for our students and their parents,” Polito added.

Some board members say that changes need to take place in order to eliminate technical issues.

Angela Mcnair, an Erie School Board member says, “at this point, we need to start assessing who’s logging on, whose internet is working, we need to start engaging that remaining twenty percent.”

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