50 Years later: Erie community honors Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy

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All shades of people sat in the auditorium of the Erie Blasco Library to commemorate the life and legacy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 

Inter-Church Ministries of Erie County hosted a panel discussion and a series of performances that honored Dr. King Wednesday night. “Growing up in the south, I knew exactly what he was talking about, I felt it even before I came to Erie, even before I grew older, said panelist Celestine Davis. “I didn’t like what was going on.” Celestine Davis was a panelist at the community forum. She met Dr. King and was the same age as him when he died. “I screamed, I just felt why did that want to do this,” said Davis. “Why do they want to kill a man who wanted to show you how to love.” 

The panel consisted of people from the community and they were all from different generations. Johnny Johnson was also one of the six panelists and he helped organize the event. “We wanted to bring people in different chronological age, so they can give their interpretation or their impression of what the legacy of Dr. king meant to them and how they moved forward,” said Johnson. There were many different faces in the audience including city officials and high school students. “I hope they took away the fact that color is insignificant in God’s world,” said Johnson. As the event wrapped up, organizers rang a bell 39 times to represent the age that Dr. King died.

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