9-year-old-girl holds lemonade stand to raise money for orphans

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A 9-year-old, Erie girl is raising money and awareness for an adoption organization for children with down syndrome, but this year she put a different twist on a traditional lemonade stand.

 At just five years old, Mary Eger wanted to have a lemonade stand just like every other kid, only she wasn’t saving up for the coolest toy or latest craze.

Mary says, “We give all the money to an organization called Reece’s Rainbow, where they help families adopt orphans that have down syndrome. Because I wanted to help the orphans that didn’t have families have families. And the families that wanted to adopt that can adopt.”

Every year different families benefit from Mary’s generosity.

Mary says, “This year, we’re doing it for a family that two years ago adopted two boys from China. And this year they’re adopting a little boy and a girl. And we’re going to help them adopt them.”

Mary’s mother says she was taken back when Mary came to her with the idea and she says she’s very proud.

Santina Eger says, “It’s very emotional. We see these kids in need and we’ve learned their stories and their plight and it’s just very touching that she has so much empathy for children that she’s never met.”

But this wasn’t your traditional lemonade stand this time of year.

Mary says, “We decided that we should mix it up and instead of lemonade we were going to do cider and pumpkin muffins and cookies instead of lemonade.”

Mary’s raised thousands of dollars over the years.

Last year raising $700, and she hopes to go above that this year.

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