9-year-old girl lucky winner of Great Bike Giveaway

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Nine-year-old Ava-Grace Osmer is the lucky winner of a new bike that is designed for her to enjoy pedaling and steering just like on a normal two-wheel bike, and her mother says she is extremely thankful for all the people who helped make it happen.

Osmer entered the great bike giveaway in hopes of winning a buddy bike, so she can ride up and down the street just like everybody else.

Osmer was born with a deletion of the long arm chromosome 10, which causes many issues with balance, muscle coordination, as well as developmental delays.

She was also born with her kidneys in the shape of a capital ‘l’ causing bladder and other problems, as well as diagnosed with autism.

But Carver says Osmer is all smiles thanks to the generosity of people.

Carver says, “So many people besides the people that do know her – thousands of people that have never met her, never met us and everybody just stepped up.

Carver says Ava-Grace was off to a slow start in the beginning of the giveaway, but surged past the competition winning first place in her category with more than 3-thousand votes.

Carver says, “We never thought. You hope, but we didn’t think we had a real good shot with 600 kids in the running.”

Ava-grace says she can’t wait to get on the bike and go.

Ava-Grace says, “Really excited. (What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you get it? Ride it.”

And both ava-grace and her mom are just so thankful.

“Thank you everyone who voted.”

Ava-grace’s mom says they hope to have a bike by summer.

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