90’s ‘Facercise’ video seen as a joke, but may actually work

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An old video for a 90’s workout called, ‘Facercise’ went viral a few years ago.  The goal is to make you look younger.  Everyone thought it was silly, but a study at Northwestern University found certain face yoga exercises can actually build up your facial muscles.  

And, after about five months, the average woman who did them regularly looked almost three years younger.  An exercise to try is ‘Happy Cheeks Sculpting’.  Smile without showing any teeth.  Put your fingers at the corner of your mouth and press firmly.  Then, push the cheek muscles toward the corner of your eyes.  Repeat two more times.  

For more exercises, you can search for articles on facial yoga online and also videos on Youtube.

Don’t over-do it, though!  Or it can apparently have the opposite effect, causing more wrinkles.

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