We could see snow as soon as Halloween on Tuesday night.

While this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, local business owner Marty Kerr said it’s time for drivers to consider having winter tires put on.

“We’ve had people come in their first year of having snow tires. They said they’re sorry they didn’t do it sooner. Just to take care of the frustration of slipping and sliding, snow tires are way better. In those few months you have them, which is usually four, five, six months that you have those snow tires on, you’re not wearing out your all season (tires). So, they’re going to last you a lot longer, and you don’t have to buy another set,” said Marty Kerr, owner of Kerr’s Tire Korner.

Kerr said while it’s the only the first forecasted snowfall, it’s better to be prepared for the slippery roads.

“It’s best now because when that snow does hit, and it’s going to stick around, they predict it for a whole week, it’s going to be a total mad house. Because when you start slipping and sliding and going all over the place, you got to do something. I say it’s better to be safe then end up in a ditch,” said Kerr.

The owner of Keep Heating and Cooling said there are other situations to avoid when it comes to your home.

He recommends that residents check there furnace every year to make sure that its working properly.

He said this is also the right time of year to change batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and thermostats to ensure your furnace is working properly.

“They want to do it proactively, because any heating company can’t just drop everything and do it tomorrow for you. So don’t wait until it’s dead and it’s really cold in your house and you’re in a panic situation. Have it looked at professionally so that you know before something happens,” said Jeff Guthrie, owner of Keep Heating and Cooling.

Guthrie said it’s also important to check the status of the filter in the furnace as it may need to be swapped out for a new one.