A classmate helps a young boy with autism get his Halloween wish

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A little boy, dressed up as an old man, and staying true to his character for hours at a school fundraiser turns into a heart-warming tale.

“I walked like an old man and everytime somebody touched me, I would fall and say that I broke my back!”

Georgiy Hatkevich going above and beyond in hopes of winning a costume contest.  Whoever got the most Facebook likes won a free Happy Meal and toys.  But, when looking through the competition photos, Georgiy saw one of another little boy.

7-year-old Alex Anderson dressed up as Spiderman, that’s when Georgiy turned to his mom with a request.  

Crysti Hatkevich, Georgiy’s Mom, tells us he said, “Mom… I don’t want to win anymore… Can you just tell everybody not to vote for me and whoever was going to vote for me I want them to vote for Alex instead.”

And so she did.  The comment reading in part, “he really wants that young man to win.  He says that he is an autistic boy who is brave enough to come tonight…”

Alex was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old and non-verbal until he was five.  His night out with his classmates for this fundraiser was a big deal. 

Georgiy says, “He was… brave. He was the only one out of all the special needs kids in the school that came.”

“Were you spiderman?”


That’s not all, Georgiy used his own birthday money to buy Alex a special present, a ‘spiderman blaster,’ which Alex loves.  The gift came complete with a handwritten, ‘Bravest Kid’ award.

What was just a simple gesture to Georgiy, meant the world to Alex and his family.

Alex’s Mom, Kayla Dunn, tells us, “Normally, it’s a rude comment, a mean stare… You know, you get a lot of negativity around kids with autism, unfortunately…  To us… to me, it meant the world, you know? Just to see that there’s somebody out there that wanted to do something just a little extra special for a kid with special needs.”

And, in an age when bullying is all too pervasive, it is a welcomed change.

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