A closer look at Underdog BBQ, as the season finale of Undercover Billionaire wraps up

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We’re getting a closer look at the Erie company Underdog BBQ. It’s the restaurant that was at the center of the National TV show Undercover Billionaire.

The gist of the show is based around a billionaire who travels to Erie with the goal of starting a million dollar business from scratch.

The new BBQ restaurant located on Erie’s West Side has been getting national attention.

“People are flying in from all over the country just to come here,” said RJ Messenger, Director of Branding, Underdog BBQ.

You may have heard of Underdog BBQ if you watch the Discovery Channel show Undercover Billionaire.

During the show, billionaire Glenn Stearns starts Underdog BBQ in only 90 days with just $100 in his pocket.

One of the people who helped Sterns turn Underdog BBQ into a thriving business is RJ Messenger, Owner of Iron Empire Clothing.

“Part of my role with the company is the online fulfillment for online orders. We are shipping out sauces and t-shirts and apparel, literally all over the world,” said Messenger.

It’s a family affair at Underdog BBQ. Messenger’s sister Ashley runs the kitchen and she says it wasn’t an easy journey, but definitely a rewarding one.

“Erieites give you one chance and one chance only and we took that and ran with it,” said Ashley Messenger, Kitchen Manager.

Besides the national attention gained from the TV show, Ashley says it’s the unique food options that keep people coming back to Underdog BBQ day after day.

“We do a lot of specials. You don’t really find that in a lot of other BBQ places. I mean, we’ve done smoked salmon BLT’s, we’ve done smoked burrata appetizers,” said Ashley.

Another goal of the show was to make Underdog BBQ a $1 million company. Unfortunately, the business was valued at $750,000, but because the business failed to reach the goal, Stearns promised to infuse it with $1 million of his own money.

The shows finale aired yesterday, wrapping up more than 90 days of filming.

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